Get Involved

The HOA is  currently seeking volunteers to serve on the associations 2021 Board of Directors and/or other Committees! For more information, please contact us through the "Contact the HOA" page.

No matter what kind of community we live in, apathy can take a serious toll on the operation of the Homeowners Association (HOA) and the quality of life of our residents. Everything that our community accomplishes – from making policy changes to throwing a memorable holiday party – depends on the involvement of our homeowners who are willing to step up and become volunteers. But enlisting volunteers to work on a community event, a committee or even the board of directors can be a struggle for many communities.

Why volunteer to be on the Board?

  • To protect your property values and maintain the quality of life you expect in your community.
  • To correct a problem within your community. Perhaps parking is an issue, or maintenance has been neglected, roads need attention, etc...
  • To give back to your community and neighbors.
  • To be sociable, meet your neighbors, and make friends.
  • To advance your career and build your personal resume by including your leadership capacity and community volunteer service.
  • To have fun accomplishing things around our community together with our neighbors. Being on the Board doesn’t always have to be negative.
  • To get educated on the many facets of running the community association such as; the many laws and regulations, maintenance and repair, and understanding financials.
  • To express yourself and be creative while offering your opinion on solutions to our communities’ day to day problems.
  • To advance the ‘givers gain’ mentality of improving society as a whole while assisting your neighbors throughout the community.

As you can see, joining the board or a committee can be rewarding in many ways. Finding the perfect solution to attract and ultimately retain volunteers is often a bit of a mystery but please consider taking part in your community by volunteering to keep our community beautiful, safe, and secure.